Dr. Meclosky is pleased to offer his patients metal free restorations.

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Put your family's dental health into the hands of a doctor you can trust. What does trust mean in terms of choosing a dentist? Trust means your dentist will evaluate your dental needs based on experience and knowledge. As a highly trained professional, Dr. Meclosky will choose exactly the right materials and procedures that will allow your dental work to look natural and really last.

Your comfort is our first concern. Dr. Meclosky is well aware that many people still believe that visiting the dentist is anything but comfortable. But modern techniques have put that obsolete idea away forever. As a caring and considerate staff, Dr. Meclosky can make any dental procedure comfortable.

Using the latest technology, Dr. Meclosky offers same-day, all ceramic restorations. In just one visit, your smile can be dramatically improved. Just imagine a beautiful new smile without having to schedule multiple appointments.